Welcome to the “AromaticTimeOut” blog!

This blog was just started – in March 2024! Here you’ll find a lot of information on how to distill aromatic plants, how to use hydrolates (hydrosols) and essential oils, what aromatherapy courses or books might be interesting to you if you looking to upgrade your knowledge.

Hydrolate and essential oil distillation is getting more and more popular among home users. Often people try it for the first time and instantly share their excitement on social media. That results in a lot of inaccurate and even misleading information available online.

Artificial intelligence (AI) generated content is another trend that influx a portion of low-value texts and videos. Unexperienced readers – new to aromatherapy or distillation – often can’t recognize AI-generated content and trust what they read unconditionally. But the mix-and-match type of text often includes fatal errors.

In this blog I’m sharing my hands-on experience. I’ve studied aromatherapy and distillation since 2018 and now I’m ready to give back to this wonderful worldwide community.

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